About Us

Since 2008, McBride Public Affairs has advocated for and represented our clients' regulatory and legislative interests in Washington State. 

We are experienced.

McBride Public Affairs has represented a broad array of public and private groups and organizations in Olympia. The firm offers offer the depth of knowledge and skill it takes to effectively advocate on behalf of their clients’ interests. Whether it’s drafting favorable legislation or addressing unnecessary regulation, their expertise and insights make McBride Public Affairs an indispensable part of any strategic advocacy effort.

We are insightful.

From taxation concerns to land-use policy, from political action committees to fair labor standards, McBride Public Affairs offers unmatched insights into the complexity of government decision-making processes. The firm's lobbyists are uniquely able to help their clients understand the intricacies of state policy formulation, bill development, and the rule-making process. As a team we keep our clients well-informed and well-positioned to thrive in an ever-changing political environment.

We are effective.

In addition to direct lobbying on state legislation, we work closely with regulatory agencies and local jurisdictions, knowing their impacts on our clients’ goals can be just as great as the Legislature’s. Our strategic methods and trust-building approach have positioned McBride Public Affairs as one of the most effective lobbying groups in Washington and throughout the Pacific Northwest.

Our Core Values

We carry our core values forward into our work, for all of our clients and projects. We value:

  • Clear communication: We frame issues in a way that everyone at the table understands.
  • Timeliness: We work to ensure that decision-makers receive information when they need it.
  • Legal Knowledge: We approach our work and regulatory issues with decades of legal experience and an understanding of the law and of the legislative process.
  • Collaboration: We ensure all voices are heard and perspectives are taken into consideration.
  • Understanding all angles of the situation: We gather accurate information on stakeholders’ and legislators’ views.
  • Awareness of political dynamics: We understand how particular issues fit in the broader context of state government, the economy and current leadership.